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Rent a TuxBrides on a Budget are Middle Tennessee’s most popular source for wedding, prom, and quinceanera tuxedos. With over 75 tuxedo styles and discount tuxedos from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves, Claiborne, and FUBU, Brides on a Budget has fashion options to match your sense of style.

Our huge selection of vest colors match today’s gowns from bridesmaids and prom designers from New York to Paris. Enjoy the best formal wear experience when you visit Brides on a Budget.


Brides on a Budget offer tuxedo rentals for children and adults. Tuxedo prices start at $69.99 and up. Basic tuxedo attire includes black coat, black pleated pants, white dress shirt, black cummerbund, and black bow tie. We can also provide shoes and other tuxedo accessories.

Tuxedo collections are available for grooms, groomsmen, and prom attire: Below are just a few of our suppliers.


We also stock suits for boys. These children’s suits are 5 pieces and range from infant to size 20. You can also purchase individual suit pieces such as bow ties, ties, cummerbunds, vests, and shirts.


Note: All monthly specials end on the last day of the month.

  • All wedding party members receive a $40 OFF tuxedo rental coupon in additional to the below discounts!
  • One FREE tuxedo rental – With five paid in full tuxedo rentals (of the same line). This free tuxedo rental is reserved for the Groom.
  • Two FREE tuxedo rentals – With ten paid in full tuxedo rentals (of the same line). The free rentals are usually reserved for the Groom and the Father of the Bride.
  • Three FREE tuxedo rentals – With fifteen paid in full tuxedo rentals (of the same line). These free rentals are usually reserved for the Groom, Father of the Bride, and Best Man.

Rentals must be paid in full by the wedding date in order for offer to be valid. Adult or children’s tuxedos (outside of product line) do not count toward the totals for free rentals. Free tuxedo rentals must be used at same event.


When you rent your tuxedo from Brides on a Budget, you will get a $40 OFF coupon. Bring your date and we will give an additional 10% discount on a prom dress.

5 Simple Steps to Rent a Tuxedo:Tuxedo Rentals for Prom

1) Location:
Visit Brides on a Budget at least 10 working days before your event. We are located at 307 West Main Street, Lebanon, TN 37087

2) Style:
Choose your style with the help of a formal wear consultant. You may want to bring a swatch of the matching bridesmaids or prom dress to better coordinate the color of the tuxedo accessories. We’ll record the details for your wedding or quinceanera party so you don’t have to.

Get measured for a tuxedo! For single orders like prom, we’ll do this when you select styles. For wedding parties, we’ll help you communicate with your groomsmen to give them appropriate instructions after we finalize your style selection.

4) Pick Up:
During the final fitting, we’ll inspect each tuxedo to insure a proper fit and make adjustments as needed.

5) Return:
Return your tuxedo the day after the event.


Tuxedos for SaleSuper lightweight luxury wool tuxedos are a popular choice for weddings because they are both cooler and more comfortable on the skin. Most wedding planners suggest a fullback vest and tie combination that compliments the bridesmaids’ colors. Either matching colors or neutral colors are appropriate for the groomsmen.

The groom should wear a vest that identifies him as the bride’s partner – typically this is a light, neutral colored vest.

The overall style of the wedding should be reflected in the choice of tuxedos. High-fashion weddings may consider more cutting-edge tuxedo styles. Brides that characterize their weddings as “simple” or “elegant” may prefer exclusive designs by Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren.


  • Evening: Black Full Dress with matching trousers, wing collar pique shirt, white pique vest and tie, and black patent leather shoes. Ushers should wear white gloves when seating guests but not during the ceremony. This is also known as “White Tie and Tails.”
  • Daytime: Grey Cutaway, striped trousers, pearl grey vest, white wing collar shirt, ascot tie, and black patent leather shoes.

The following people should be attired in formal wear for the ceremony and photographs.


In addition to being the groom’s right hand man, the best man’s responsibilities include:Best Man Tuxedos

  • Planning the bachelor party
  • Serving as a witness and signing the marriage certificate
  • Standing with the groom at the alter
  • Holding the wedding bands
  • Delivering the first toast at the reception
  • Returning the groom’s tuxedo after the wedding
  • Groomsman

Most grooms choose one groomsman for each bridesmaid in the wedding party. Groomsmen are responsible for:

  • Escorting the bridesmaids to the altar
  • Standing at the altar during the ceremony
  • Attending the reception
  • Ushers

Ushers can be male or female: plan on one usher for every 40 – 50 guests. Ushers are responsible for:

  • Escorting guests to their seats; the groom’s guests traditionally sit on the right and the bride’s guests sit on the left
  • Offering assistance as needed to family, guests, and wedding suppliers
  • Ushers in very formal weddings should wear gloves when seating guests


The primary responsibility of the father of the groom is to act as an escort to the mother of the groom, when appropriate. Traditionally, the father of the bride escorts his daughter up the aisle and presents her to the groom.


The ring bearer is usually a young boy responsible for carrying and presenting the bride’s and groom’s wedding bands.


As an elder of the family, grandparents are included in family photographs taken at the wedding. Grandfathers should be attired in the same tuxedo chosen for the fathers of the bride and groom.